We supply the services listed below to help you control your home and business


The goal of integration is to control all the facilities in a single environment to simplify performance and to increase automation to a more rational, efficient and sustainable use.

Our main aim is to deliver technology to your facilities for the best user control: The control of the facilities, of absolutely all the facilities, by the user. This control can be automated or manual and enables real-time monitoring at any time and from anywhere, with information right-away.

Our technology allows for an absolute control of all the facilities through mobile devices, tablets and computers, locally and remotely. With a cellular phone you will be able to monitor all house doors and windows, to control energy consumption and to receive an email or a phone call should there be a fire; turn the heat on before reaching home, turn the water supply off in case of flooding to prevent damage… and a long list of functions.

Several automation modes based on occupancy can be set in hotel guest rooms. This includes a “Comfort” mode that allows guests to enjoy all room features after the check-in; a “Service” mode designed to run when the room is empty and is used exclusively by the cleaning staff; in this mode only some of the lights are powered up and the television and heating systems are blocked. When the room is empty, the “Rest” mode disables all functions to reduce energy costs.