Automating the premises for maximum performance and to avoid unnecessary costs.

Applications designed to constantly control and adjust the lighting in the working places using presence detectors. The necessary illumination is guaranteed and adjusted according to the light coming in from the exterior and the presence or not of the workers.

Automation can significantly reduce energy costs associated to air conditioning systems by controlling the insolation of the building through curtains and blinds.

There are other cost-saving measures related to air conditioning systems, such as locking the system if there is an open door or window, or turning the energy reduction mode on if no human presence is detected during a certain period of time.

Other examples include the use of soil moisture sensors for an optimal performance of the irrigation system of a house. The benefits of automation are obvious short-term and allow for a more rational and sustainable use of energy resources.

Management of the air conditioning systems


Integration of HVAC control systems in a single environment to produce cold and heat with a unique thermostat and from a single control point.


All type of HVAC systems can be controlled: boilers, air conditioning, heat pumps, underfloor heating, fan coils, variable volume systems, etc.
Integration is a solution that allows for the control of the different areas independently according to the needs and usage of the facilities thus enabling a more efficient and comfortable use.

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Housing adaptations for disabled people

We put the full potential of integration and automation facilities at the service of disabled people to help them take advantage and turn their home and workplace into a space in harmony with their needs. We remove barriers and improve their quality of life.