We deliver the best service and the most efficient technologies on the market to reduce energy consumption for an optimal rationalization.

Energy management

Knowing the energy expenditure of your house or building facilities is the first step to a rational, efficient and comfortable use.

Energy meters placed at strategic points of the building provide real-time information; the graphs show consumption statistics and compare different time periods: days, weeks, months or years.

The same can be applied to water consumption, gas or diesel. The meters will allow you to monitor the expenditure of each of the building supplies and, in addition, you will be able to set alerts to detect excessively high or abnormally prolonged consumption over time that could be due to a leak.

Control of solar-power systems

Maximum performance

We monitor solar-power systems to guarantee the maximum performance and reliability when producing domestic hot water or hot water to be used by the air conditioning system of the house or for the pool.

Performance control

It is useful to monitor the facilities to collect data about the system’s performance. This data can be used to provide information and elaborate graphics of the system’s evolution. Moreover, it allows you to create alarm signals in case of failure of any of the elements of the facilities.